Terms of Sale

1.    Introduction

The following Terms of Sale and any other related rules that are adopted by MC VIRTUTI, S.L. (hereinafter the “Company”) and made available as provided herein (collectively, the “Terms of Sale”) shall apply to all sales of products that you (the “Customer” or “You”) may order from Manuel Carrera Cordón website www.manuelcarreracordon.com (hereinafter the “Platform”).

Please read the Terms of Sale and check our Platform on a regular basis to be informed of any changes. The Company may modify the Terms of Sale from time to time, at its sole discretion, and your continued use and/or registration following such change will signify your agreement to be bound in the future by the modified Terms of Sale. If you are placing an order through the Platform, please click on the button marked “Check Out” at the Your Cart section of the Platform before placing your order with us (“Order”) to show that you accept them. Please understand that if you refuse to accept these Terms of Sale, you will not be able to order any Product(s) from our Platform.

You may have other rights granted by mandatory law, and these Terms of Sale do not affect these except if the two are inconsistent. If this is the case then these Terms of Sale will override any other rights which you may have, unless this is not permitted by law.

2.   General provisions

If any provision, or part of a provision, of these Terms of Sale is deemed to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the remainder of the provisions of these Terms of Sale shall be unaffected and shall continue to be fully valid, binding and enforceable.

These Terms of Sale (and associated terms incorporated by reference) constitute the entire agreement between You and the Company in relation to the order of products or services, and replace and extinguish all prior agreements, draft agreements, arrangements, undertakings, or collateral contracts of any nature made by the parties, whether oral or written, in relation to such subject matter.

We are not responsible for any failure or delay in performing or complying with our obligations under these Terms of Sale which arises from any cause beyond our reasonable control.

3.   Purchasing eligibility

Only individuals (and not legal entities) who (a) have reached the age of majority (eighteen years), (b) have legal capacity to enter into contracts may order products through the Platform. If you are under the age of majority or otherwise cannot lawfully enter into a contract, you must have your parent or guardian place an order on your behalf and thereby assent to these Terms of Sale. Any orders placed in violation of this provision shall be null and void.

By placing an order through the Platform, you represent and warrant that you are a bona fide end-user customer and will not deliver, sell, or otherwise distribute Manuel Carrera Cordón products or purchase Manuel Carrera Cordón products for commercial purposes or any other commercial benefit.

4.   Product information

We try to ensure that any information, including product descriptions, dimensions, and colours, provided on the Platform, in advertisements and catalogues, is accurate and complete. However, we make no guarantees, whether express or implied, in relation to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of such information. Some items, represented on the photographs and other images featured on the Platform, may appear slightly larger or smaller than actual size due to screen defaults and photography techniques. Other items may be represented at a larger than actual size in order to clearly show details, or smaller than actual size in order to show the entire item. Additionally, the detailing (such as colour, pattern and texture, etc.) you see on-screen will depend on your monitor and, as such, may not exactly reflect the actual detailing of a Product when you receive it.

5.   Orders

The online store is open 24 hours a day. However, the Company has the right to close the store due to maintenance at any time without prior notice.

You have the right to inform us of your withdrawal of the purchase, without penalty and without justification, within 7 days as of the day following the placement of order. At the moment we can only fulfil your order if the delivery address is a home or office address in one of the countries listed under “Shipping address”.

We may decline an offer or cancel a purchase in any of the following situations, without being liable for any damages or costs. We will notify you by email in advance of any such action, to try and resolve the issue and will return any applicable payments made to us without deduction:

- your payment information is incorrect or not verifiable;

- your order may have been placed for fraudulent purposes, or in connection with a criminal offence or other unlawful activity;

- there was an unintentional error on the Platform; e.g. a payment error etc;

- we have reason to believe you are a minor under the age of 18 (except for the conditions mentioned in clause 3 of this Terms of Sale);

- you are not a resident of one of the countries listed under 'We ship to' or we could not deliver to the address provided by you.

We can only accept offers that are made through our Platform. We cannot accept orders made by email, letters, or fax. The receipt you receive is an automated acknowledgement that means we have received your submitted offer. However, the acknowledgement does not mean that we have accepted your offer, and we reserve an explicit right to decline your offer after you have received the automatic acknowledgement. If we accept your offer, you will receive an email from us confirming that we have accepted your order (Order Confirmation). The contract between You and the Company will be effective from the time that the order confirmation is sent. If you made an error when placing your order, please contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to assist you. However, please always make sure to review your offer before placing it. Before submitting, you have the possibility yourself to edit any information you have entered, such as the shipping or billing address or credit card information or change or delete items in your shopping bag.

6.   Price and currency

Prices and delivery costs are liable to change at any time, due to the price volatility of gold and other materials. However, these changes will not affect Orders which we have already confirmed in an Order Confirmation email.

Prices are checked regularly. However, if we find the price has changed or that there has been a pricing error when we receive your Order, we will contact you and ask if you wish to proceed at the correct price. If you confirm that you do wish to proceed, please remember that we will still not be under an obligation to supply the Product(s) until we have sent you the dispatch email confirming your Order.

The prices for the Products indicated on our Platform at checkout include all taxes, including VAT, which may be payable in respect of the Product(s) but excludes the delivery costs in Your Cart. The shipping costs are calculated additionally and depend on your location.

All prices displayed on the Platform are quoted in the currency that refers to the country which is selected by our IP Geo-location feature. If you want to change the country selection, please use the country selector link in the top of the web page. Your delivery address will decide which currency you will be charged in. Please note that changing the country of delivery may have an influence on the price and the shipping costs. We kindly recommend you placing the order in the currency same as you dispose on your debit or credit card in order to avoid extra charges and fees for the currency conversion. The Company reserves the right to charge you extra fees for currency conversion with no prior notice.

You may pay in any of the currencies listed below:

• EUR (€)

• USD ($)

• JPY (¥)

• GDP (£)

7.   Paying methods

We accept the following payment methods:

• MasterCard


• American Express

Please note that we cannot accept any payment methods not specified above. If you try to pay by any other methods, we will not be liable for your loss of payment, or any other damages caused by your action.

If we are unable to accept your Order for any reason then we will, at our option, either reject your debit or credit card or refund any money paid by you in respect of that Order. We will not dispatch the Product(s) until we receive payment in full. Please note, it is possible that your card issuer may charge you an online handling fee or processing fee. We are not responsible for this.

For payment by card, all credit and debit cardholders may be subject to authorisation and authentication. If the issuer of your payment card or our service provider refuses to or does not for any reason authorise or validate the payment, we will not be liable in these circumstances for any delay or non-delivery in respect of the Product(s) which you have ordered as a result.

To maintain your own security and prevent fraud, you will be asked to enter your Card Verification Number (CVV) when paying with card. You can find the 3-digit number on the back of your credit card. It generally appears to the right of your credit card number.

By providing the relevant information to us, you specifically authorise us to transmit or to obtain information about you from third parties from time to time, including but not limited to your name, address, telephone number, debit or credit card details or credit reports, to authenticate your identity and delivery address for the Product(s), validate your payment card and obtain authorisations for your payments for Product(s).

8.   Confirmation of order

Prior the shipment of your order, we will send you the email with the Confirmation of your Order. The written Confirmation of Order includes the Product(s) you selected, their price(s) including the VAT, the billing and the shipment details.

9.   Shipping and delivery

Depending on the item(s) you purchase on the Platform different shipping methods are available. At checkout, you will be prompted to choose a shipping method for your order. Shipping costs are based on the shipping method of choice. Your total shipping charges will automatically compute during checkout prior to the completion of your order.

The Company reserves the right to modify prices and delivery costs at any time without prior notice. Actual shipping costs and applicable taxes will be reflected on your payment page before you are asked to confirm and place your order (in the case of a Platform order) and will also be reflected in the Order Confirmation email.

Delivery costs and use taxes are not stated on the product pages, but you can find them in the Shipping Details section.

Please note that Saturday, Sundays, and public holidays will not be considered as a regular business day with respect to estimated delivery lead time.

When estimating package delivery time, please allow time for product creation (may take up to 90 days depending on a size and availability of the material), card approval, address verification and order processing. Once the order is processed and ready for shipment, we will send you the email with the shipping details, including a shipping company name and a tracking number.

The Company ensures each purchase during the time it is in transit until it is delivered to you. We require a signature by an adult to confirm your acceptance of each product delivered, at which point responsibility for your purchased goods passes to you. If you have specified a recipient who is not you for delivery purposes (for example as a gift) then you understand and accept that evidence of a signature by such recipient (or at that delivery address) is evidence of delivery and fulfilment of the sale contract by the Company and transfer of responsibility to the recipient in the same way as if the product had been delivered to you.

10.    Return policy

Please take into account that the Company does not accept the return of the Product(s). All products are made personally for you, considering your individual wishes and demands. We start the creation process only after the order confirmation, that is why we require the full payment prior to the proceed with the process of creation.

11.     Contact us

If you have any questions or comments about this Terms of Sale, please contact us at the address provided below:

C/ Melero Alcarreño 26
19005, Guadalajara